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Facsimiles of Mediaeval Musical Manuscripts

24/2. Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale, fonds latin 10509

Please note that in folios 1-3, the versos of each side are printed to the LEFT of the rectos. The rest of the manuscript is set up in the normal manner. Folio 3 verso is duplicated after 3 recto.

Musicological Studies -- Wissenschaftliche Abhandlungen

60/1. Bryan Gillingham, Secular Medieval Latin Song: an Anthology

(insert available free of charge)

60/2. Bryan Gillingham, A Critical Study of Secular Medieval Song

(insert available free of charge)

62/8. Nancy van Deusen, Procession, Performance, Liturgy and Ritual.

ISBN number should be 978-1-896926-91-9 (the first three digits in the book are 987—out of order!


The ISBN number should be: 978-1-926664-14-9 not 978-1-926664-15-6.

81/2. Heinz Ristory, Denkmodelle, Band II.

S.2: Ars Franconis statt Ars franconis,

S. 28 / Fn. 170: . . . inferiori. Brevis . . . statt . . . inferiori Brevis,

S. 55 / Fn. 361: . . . Amen. Das klein geschriebene ,francigenam’ in Bk sollte wohl im Sinne von ,,französisch” und nicht ,,Franzose / Sohn Frankreichs” (Francigena) gelesen werden . . . statt Amen.

S. 65-66 / Fn 423: . . . pp. 78-83. Cf. Karen Desmond: Did Vitry write an Ars vetus et nova? – In: The Journal of Musicology XXXII / 4, 2015, S, 441-493; Bes. S. 465-468 statt pp. 78-83.

S. 66 / Fn. 429: Cf. S. 65-66 / Fn. 423.

S. 75: . . . dicuntur statt dícun-tur,

S. 175 / Fn. 911: appearance statt apperance,

S. 193: postponatur statt post-penatur,

S. 212 / Fn. 1117: rewrote it as statt rewrote is as,

S. 217 / Fn. 1145: Musicology statt Musi-cology,

S. 218: Philippe de Vitry statt Phlippe de Vitry,

S. 237: . . . der Textbeschaffenheit statt seiner Textbeschaffenheit . . . ,

S. 240: Algorismus statt Algorimus,

S. 248: Mensurationsbereich statt Mensurartionsbereich,

S. 261: Notitia statt Notita,

S. 273: Proprietas-, Opposita proprietas – statt Propietas-, opposita proprietas-,

S. 275: . . . Ausrichtung thematisiert. statt Ausrichtung.

S. 372: <Diagramm> N.h. masculini statt N.h. masculni,

S. 410: <Fn. 1263> Tenores statt Tenores,

S. 419: Thoma tibi obsequia statt Thoma tibi obsequia,

S. 423: lebhaft statt leghaft,

S. 590: S. VII statt S. vii.

85. Clyde Brockett, Letania and Preces

On page 33, Table 2, on the line beneath Title: read INDULGENTIAM (as this is just a single word, we would ask readers to adjust their own copies).

86. Illo Humphrey, Boethius: De Institutione arithmetica libri duo.

The ISBN number should be: 978-1-896926-90-2. The first three digits were omitted in the book.

90. Hiley/Kiss, Dies est leticie: Essays on Chant in Honour of Janka Szendrei.

Unfortunately, the book was sent out before it was realized that the impression was too dark. The result was that some of the pages were illegible. We can supply paper copies of the inferior pages by post, or you may download the file szendrei.pdf and print out the required pages. Alternatively, you may return the book for a replacement.

91. Roman Hankeln, Political Plainchant? Music, Text and Historical Context of Medieval Saints' Offices.

The volume number should be XCI not CXI (Volume 91).

96. Kathleen Nelson, Cathedral, City and Cloister.

The volume number should be XCVI not CXVI (should be volume 96).

Collected Works - Gesamtausgaben

XI/2. Antoine de FΘvin, Messen (II) / Masses (II)

There are printing errors on pp. 131-132. Replacement pages available.

XXIV/1. Hans Tischler, The Earliest Polyphonic Art Music

In the acknowledgements, the name Goldberg has been spelled incorrectly ('Goldbert'). Our apologies.


On the titlepage, this volume is listed as Wissenschaftliche Abhandlungen and Musicological Studies. This should be Gesamtausgaben and Collected Works. The volume number is correct.

Musical Theorists in Translation

18. John Snyder, Theinred of Dover's De Legitimis Ordinibus

While the volume was in press, the author realized that by Alleluia, laetabundus, Theinred most likely refers not literally to an Alleluia with its verse, but to a sequence. A few corrections are therefore necessary. An additional page documenting these will be sent free of charge on request.